Social Savvy is the Future


You should read this if you’re a nonprofit technology rockstar trying to get savvy on social. (And if you don’t self identify as a technology rockstar, you should still read this blog post because we know you really are.) We are: Your sisters and brothers in struggle to build a solid Facebook following. Also fed up by 1990s style customer service. Standing beside you as you try to craft pithy and engaging 140 character calls to action on Twitter. Cheering you on as you figure out social media integration with your existing database. Also in awe of organizations that make sure [...]

Social Savvy is the Future2019-05-16T14:56:58-04:00

Is Your Event Insta-Worthy? How to Make Your Event Pop on Social Media


Learn about the value of making your events insta-worthy and let your event participants do your marketing for you.    If you’ve read my articles in the past, you know that I’m all about working smart, not hard. Now, let me clarify that I don’t mean “don’t do work.” Still work hard. But find ways to do things that supplement your hard work to make the work even more powerful.    Making your event social media-worthy is one of those things. Because honestly, if your event doesn’t have a presence on social media, did it actually happen? Well, maybe…but there’s a [...]

Is Your Event Insta-Worthy? How to Make Your Event Pop on Social Media2018-04-17T20:35:22-04:00

Social Media Tips: How to be Political Without Being Too Political


Here comes the 2016 presidential election. Arguably one of the most divided, emotional, angry, and intense elections of modern times, not a day goes by without a crazy sound bite, a scandal, a retraction, or a questionable campaign ad.   Every day on my newsfeed, I see something else that’s cringe-worthy. Lots of “unfriend” and “unfollow” actions that keep me wondering how I’d missed these signs before. Politics can bring out the ugly in people. But come November, we’ve all got to sit back and accept whatever happens. And doesn’t it seem silly to burn bridges for something so temporary?   [...]

Social Media Tips: How to be Political Without Being Too Political2016-12-24T00:29:21-05:00

Proving ROI of Your Non-Viral Digital Campaign


This piece is based on the Proving ROI: Quantitative and Qualitative Measures of a Successful Digital Campaign workshop presented by Devon Hopkins and Leah Stern at NTEN's 2017 Nonprofit Technology Conference.   So you’ve successfully launched your most recent digital campaign. It’s catchy, it’s meaningful, and it’s got a pretty amazing hashtag. Sounds like you’re on your way to going #IceBucketChallenge-level viral, right? I hope so.   The Ice Bucket Challenge is arguably one of the best grassroots nonprofit social media campaigns that ever was. There were several things that came out of it. Number one: Awareness, which was measured by [...]

Proving ROI of Your Non-Viral Digital Campaign2016-03-06T12:57:12-05:00
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