3 Keys to Setting Up Your Fundraising Calendar for Success


your fundraising calendar for 2016. We invited special guest Brad Davies, Fundraising Expert from NextAfter to share his experience and talk through a specific strategy on how to grow your organization this year and turn your 2016 fundraising goals into a reality. Brad Davies is an online fundraising expert who was the project director of the “Online Fundraising Scorecard” which looked at the online giving habits of 250 charities, 100 of which are on the Chronical of Philanthropy’s 400 list. Brad has consulted with hundreds of organizations around the world, some of which are the largest charities in America, on [...]

3 Keys to Setting Up Your Fundraising Calendar for Success2021-08-17T11:56:20-04:00

Your 2018 Fundraising Plan


Are you tired of not having a plan…EVERY YEAR? Is the whole “oh no we can’t make payroll” thing getting a little old? Or have you been thrown into your role, with no one to guide you and your boss just saying “Do it”? If any of this sounds like you, and you’re tired of being so stressed, check out this webinar, led by fundraising and leadership expert, Mazarine Treyz (Wild Woman Fundraising) The live event will be held on 1/18/18 @1:00 EST. To save your spot Click Here In this webinar you’ll learn: 1.Fundraising planning 101 2.How NOT to [...]

Your 2018 Fundraising Plan2021-08-17T11:26:30-04:00

Are You Giving Tuesday 2019-Ready?


It’s hard to believe, but this year’s Giving Tuesday (on Dec. 3, 2019) is just around the corner. For many, it provides a big boost for fundraising. But, as they say, “You gotta be in it to win it!” Are you ready? Even if you have participated in Giving Tuesday in years past, are you ready for Giving Tuesday 2019? Think about the changes in social media and donor behavior that have taken place over the past several years. Now, think about this: If you are approaching Giving Tuesday 2019 as you have Giving Tuesday in years past, you are [...]

Are You Giving Tuesday 2019-Ready?2021-08-17T08:40:34-04:00

2019 Fundraising Report Webinar: A Deep Dive into the Data


Get the scoop on the trends that will affect your peer-to-peer fundraising this year. Join Maggie Brennan, Client Success Manager at DonorDrive, as she presents the just-released DonorDrive State of Fundraising 2019 Report in a FREE WEBINAR on February 14, 2019 at 1:00PM EST. (Busy at that time? Sign up anyway and we’ll send you the recording!) Attendees will learn: How Dance Marathon became the fastest growing program in peer-to-peer How to motivate zero-dollar fundraisers Stats that shows the lifetime value of peer-to-peer participants How to get your event team captains recruit for you How to get lapsed participants back, [...]

2019 Fundraising Report Webinar: A Deep Dive into the Data2021-08-17T08:33:25-04:00

Giving Tuesday: Why It’s Only Mediumly Important


This post was originally published on Third Sector Today, which has since merged with TopNonprofits. Controversial, I know. Let’s start with the basics: #GivingTuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  It is a great way to include nonprofit giving in the post Thanksgiving consumerist rush. This year, it falls on November 29, 2016. #GivingTuesday is an important part of any nonprofit’s end of year fundraising strategy…  but it is not the centerpiece for one main reason: everyone else is doing it, too. Nonprofit organizations are competing for inbox and newsfeed space with the majority of all other [...]

Giving Tuesday: Why It’s Only Mediumly Important2021-08-13T15:37:00-04:00

5 Minutes for Fundraising with Martin Leifeld


Amy: Hi, everybody, this is Amy DeVita and thanks for joining us today. I’m really excited to introduce you all to our friend Martin Leifeld. Martin, hello. Martin: Hello, Amy. So, good to be here with you today. Amy: Thank you, Martin. I’m glad you could be here too. Today we’re really going to be focusing on fundraising. Martin has a great book called Five Minutes for Fundraising, a collection of expert advice from gifted fundraisers, one of whom he happens to be and he’s going to share some of his best advice for all of us, realizing [...]

5 Minutes for Fundraising with Martin Leifeld2021-08-13T14:52:48-04:00

Creating an Effective Mission Statement


All the knowledge and tools you need to design a clear, concise, and truly useful mission statement. Unsure what to include in your mission statement or how to compress everything into something short, clear, yet still meaningful? Then this course is for you. From the team whose mission and vision resources were viewed over 1 million times in the past year, comes behind the scenes access to the mission statement creation process. The final result will be a mission statement that is a true asset to your organization and not just a collection of words gathering dust on your wall. [...]

Creating an Effective Mission Statement2021-08-03T12:27:50-04:00

Winning Fundraising Emails


Learn how to write emails that convert more donors- guaranteed! Write fundraising emails that convert more donors – guaranteed! Learn, step-by-step, how to write better subject lines and copy for your fundraising emails. Includes examples from leading nonprofits and a template you can use right away. This class will show you – step-by-step – what the pros do to write winning email fundraising appeals: Three steps for finding highly receptive potential donors. Five steps for writing short but powerful fundraising stories. Three steps for selecting the best fundraising email template. How to ask for money without sounding pushy or greedy. [...]

Winning Fundraising Emails2021-08-03T12:29:07-04:00

Why Your Board Cares About Fundraising Compliance and You Should, Too


Your nonprofit’s Board of Directors sets the direction of the entire organization. While the board’s primary duties include ensuring that the nonprofit’s funds actually further its charitable purpose, it also makes financial decisions on new programs, technology, and fundraising expenses. At the same time, your nonprofit’s employees and volunteers look to the board for the materials, technology, and approval to conduct their solicitation activities. Any real or perceived disconnect between board and staff can affect your whole nonprofit’s fundraising success! Bridging that gap begins with charitable solicitation (aka fundraising) compliance. Currently, forty-four states have laws surrounding a nonprofit’s charitable solicitation activities, [...]

Why Your Board Cares About Fundraising Compliance and You Should, Too2019-12-16T06:17:36-05:00

5 Ways to Make People Love Your Cause


What if I asked you to sell me a pen, how would you respond?   Will you tell me about the pen?   Would you tell me that each tip was hand polished to perfection for a smoother writing experience? Would you tell me about the millions around the world who use it as their go-to writing instrument?   Or will you ask about me?   Will you ask why I need a pen, how much it’s worth to me, what is important to me in a pen I own?   If you chose the second set of questions, let’s get [...]

5 Ways to Make People Love Your Cause2019-12-08T09:40:38-05:00
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